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One word to describe myself?  Dichotomous.  Left brain proficient but right brain dominant.  State and local law enforcement officer, intelligence analyst and correctional counselor vs. television and radio news anchor/reporter, comedy writer, actor and Emmy nominated entertainment host.


Each person I crossed paths with during my left brain existence had something in common.  A story.  True tales of heartbreak, desperation or chance.  Or even stories from the creative fiction shelf.  There were those mysterious folks who would not tell their stories.  And the victims, who unfortunately, could not.  The facts had to speak for them.


Every person I crossed paths with during my right brain life also had something in common.  They wanted to tell you something, and make you feel it.  And in that telling make you laugh, cry, empathize, or not think, just send you off away from all this, somewhere, for a little while.  My fellow journalists and thespians who told or acted out those stories brought their own hearts with them to those stages, and sets, and locations.  Maybe you could hear them beat in there, somewhere between the lines.


Well after all that, life scribbled out a few lessons for me (which I think I put under magnets on my refrigerator):


One: Everyone writes their own story as they go, with what they have, and try to put down only as much as they want you to know.  Two: What we say to others, and how we say it, in some way matters.  Whether it’s written and read, or spoken and heard.  And, three: being nominated for an Emmy is an honor, but I’m guessing it’s not near as good as winning!


If you’d like to hear how I’d tell your story, contact me below.  I’d love to talk with you about it.


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