How much you'll need to invest in a well produced audio project depends on several factors.  Start by answering these important questions: 

  • What is your budget? (budget)

  • On what date do you need to have the project in hand, ready to go? (deadline)

  • How long is your project? (length)

  • Where, geographically, will your project air? (market)

  • On what medium will the project air? (usage)

  • For how long will the project air? (airtime)


A great general rate resource for understanding all the project factors at play is the Global Voice Acting Academy Rate Card, used industry wide as a bellwether guide for voice over rates.  But, as you may already know, or will soon find out, the GVAA Rate Card is pretty hefty, and might prove a bit confounding.  So, if you need a little assistance, write me, provide your answers to the questions above, and I can navigate the GVAA Rate Card for you and provide a project estimate.

A couple of other things.  My project estimate includes the final product, delivered in the audio format and technical quality of your choice, minor "pickups", and any additional recording required prior to initial airing as a result of my error.  Not included are any project changes that require additional recording, such as script revisions, or requests for performance retakes.  Directed sessions are available upon prior arrangement, and may include additional costs.